OPS™ reaches 20,000 cases performed worldwide

Corin’s pre-operative planning technology for total hip arthroplasty reaches significant milestone. Plans underway to launch next generation software.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, December 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Corin is proud to announce the Optimized Positioning System (OPS) has recently surpassed 20,000 total hip procedures worldwide. This multi-faceted orthopaedic platform is revolutionising the way we understand, plan and perform total hip arthroplasty.

First introduced into the Australian market in May 2013 and developed in conjunction with a team of expert biomedical engineers and orthopaedic surgeons, OPS technology uses advanced imaging protocol and computational modelling to simulate how a patient’s hip joint moves through a range of functional activities. This information assists in planning the position of implants with the aim of optimising functional implant alignment and improving surgical outcomes. This pre-operative plan can then be executed through patient-specific instrumentation to ensure accuracy.

Recently, the platform has introduced a sophisticated, interactive, cloud-based software, OPSInsight™, providing surgeons with greater insights and more control than ever before. Using OPSInsight, surgeons can visualise and adjust fundamental biomechanical parameters including leg length and offset, and change implant position, size and type, all in real time. Changes to the plan can be reviewed in combination with radiodensity mapping to support the visualisation of component choice and placement.

OPS is now available in 13 countries and used by almost 400 surgeons around the globe. The OPS technology has been the subject of 23 peer-reviewed publications, supporting the clinical relevancy and value of this technology.

The OPSInsight software officially launches in 2021 along with Corin’s post-operative analysis tool, OPSReView™. These are cornerstone to Corin’s integrated digital ecosystem, CorinConnect™, which provides a centralised dashboard for healthcare providers to collect and better understand all factors within the joint replacement experience.

To learn more about OPS and Corin’s technologies, visit www.coringroup.com

Kalena Lee
Corin Group