First OPSReView™ analysis performed in Europe

October, United Kingdom - Corin is pleased to announce the delivery of the first OPSReView analysis in Europe. Mr Richard Westerman from UHCW, United Kingdom has been the first user in Europe.
OPSReView is a unique postoperative THA analysis tool that assesses component position and joint biomechanics to understand the potential causes of THA failure/dissatisfaction.
This data may provide valuable insights into the appropriateness of future operative or non-operative management strategies for symptomatic or failing THAs.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to utilise the OPSReView system for a lady with recurrent dislocations of the hip.
Whilst assumptions can be made from previous preoperative and postoperative Xrays, I consider OPSReView to be the most exciting development in postoperative THA analysis for quite some time.
The analysis provided a very clear understanding of the reasons for dislocation. I was able to assess the biomechanical needs of the patient and plan to restore her anatomy accordingly.
This analysis enabled me to preoperatively plan her revision procedure with a specific focus on increasing functional stability. The result was a smooth revision procedure and a very stable hip.

Great for the patient, the team and the surgeon!

-Mr Richard Westerman, Consultant at UHCW.

OPSReView is the latest addition to the CorinConnect™ digital ecosystem, Corin’s platform of interconnected technologies. These technologies collect data across each stage of the arthroplasty experience for surgeons to access online, providing actionable insights based on previous results, in order to increase patient satisfaction and results.

Approved for clinical use earlier this year, OPSReView is still available on a limited basis. Expected worldwide launch in early 2021. To learn more about OPSReView, please Contact Us