Setting a new standard with Unity Knee™

Did you know Corin’s Unity Knee was the first knee implant to go through Beyond Compliance?    


Unity Knee was launched as part of the Beyond Compliance initiative, which carefully monitors implant outcomes and safety while supporting innovation. This study out of the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital demonstrates the promising two-year performance of the Unity Knee CR construct with 96% satisfaction rate, no revision within the follow-up period and a significant improvement in outcome measures.

This paper is further support of the Unity Knee design philosophy. By prioritising the role of the soft-tissues and the medial compartment, Unity Knee was designed to allow natural kinematics and stability throughout the entire range-of-motion.  

Beyond Compliance is a UK government-backed initiative aimed at supporting the introduction of improved technologies and implant designs through a comprehensive process of patient follow-up and post-market surveillance.  The review panel is comprised of surgeons, industry representatives and the Beyond Compliance Advisory Committee.

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Corin Knee Team