The evolution of orthopaedics

This year sees the 50th anniversary of the first knee replacement surgery taking place, the 60th anniversary of Professor Sir John Charnley’s pivotal hip replacement research, and of course the 70th anniversary of universal healthcare / the NHS.

This month’s Med Tech Innovation takes a look at the key trends that have affected the industry - from the changes in healthcare funding around the world to the complications from the metal on metal implants and, of course, the rise of technology.

In the article Elvio Gramignano (Strategic Marketing Director, Corin) discusses the fact that technology - from robotics to surgical navigation aids - can bring significant benefits, but without orthopaedic insight the improvements in success will be too limited to warrant their cost; and highlights changes taking place in the US that makes patient satisfaction a condition of payment, and shows how data can be used to improve communication.

Personalised orthopaedic - be it in surgery or recovery - is needed, but it also needs to be more than the replication of already imperfect joints and include the individual’s functional anatomy as well as recovery progress.

To read the article: https://bit.ly/2KXz4NE