Collarless and collared MetaFix stems with Trinity acetabular bearings


Cementless Total Hip Replacement

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Designed as a universal choice for cementless total hip replacement, MetaFix provides solutions for individual patient needs across a range of indications.

High versatility

The MetaFix system is available in collarless and collared versions catering to a wide range of patient indications and surgeon preferences.

  • Collarless: 135 standard, 135 lateralised, 125 standard
  • Collared: 135 standard, 135 short neck, 125 standard, 125 short neck*

Select MetaFix during preoperative planning of THAs using Corin OPS™ for a patient-specific, optimised solution.


*Short neck options for specific anatomies and subject to availability in certain markets

Stem design

Stem design

MetaFix is a straight stem design with quadrangular cross-section and full hydroxyapatite coating. Short neck options cater to specific anatomies with a duckbill design for the collared version¹.


Simplicity with accuracy

Simplicity with accuracy

Instrumentation is designed for simplicity and theatre efficiency, allowing for accurate implantation and reproducible results with:

  • A choice of broach handle connections to suit individual surgeon requirements.
  • Lighter weight, ergonomic trays for manoeuvrability.
  • Specialised platform for all surgical approaches – DAA instrumentation available which are compatible with the MetaFix system.
Clinical evidence


  1. Hallan G, Lie SA, Furnes O, Engesaeter LB, Vollset SE, Havelin LI. Medium and long term performance of 11516 uncemented femoral primary stems from the Norwegian arthroplasty register. J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2007 Dec; 89(12):1574-80.


Surgical Technique

I1355 Rev05 MetaFix operative technique 0424 cover

Product Overview

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Product Flyer

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Watch MetaFix™ Collared and Trinity™ Modified bikini incision


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