CorinConnect v2

Integrated Orthopaedic Technologies


Enhancing patient activity and wellbeing with Corin’s proven implants, connected technologies and data. Our digital surgery platform connects and quantifies every stage of the arthroplasty experience, providing unique insights about every single patient.

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The smart way to operate

CorinConnect is a cloud-based digital ecosystem that seamlessly integrates Corin’s unique personalised technologies, enabling data-driven decisions. Delivering a sophisticated user experience and actionable insights, CorinConnect is a key pillar in our vision for the future and our digital transformation.

Unparalleled actionable insights

Unparalleled actionable insights

Integrating digital and robotic technologies, CorinConnect empowers healthcare providers with patient and surgical information, generating actionable insights throughout the episode of care. Uniting dynamic case data with patient outcomes, this digital platform is laying the foundation for the next generation of orthopaedic care.

Seamless integration

Patient Profiling - CorinRPM


Preoperative Planning - OPSInsight

OPS Insight_Cloud based planning

Intraoperative Delivery - OMNIBotics


Postoperative Analysis - OPSReView

OPS ReView

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