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OMNIBotics is the industry leading technology for robotic-assisted total knee arthroplasty, with a clinical track record dating back to 2010. It is the only technology to include a robotic soft tissue tension device that can plan implant positioning with predictive balance tools.

Alignment | Balance | Minimal Releases

Alignment | Balance | Minimal Releases

The OMNIBotics BalanceBot acts like a robotic laminar spreader to measure soft-tissue tension throughout range of motion before making any femoral resections. This information is used to intraoperatively plan implant placement to ensure alignment and balance, while frequently eliminating further soft-tissue releases. After femoral resections, the BalanceBot is used again to measure ligament balance and confirm joint stability 

OMNIBot™ robotic cutting guide

OMNIBot™ robotic cutting guide

The OMNIBot is an evolution in navigation and robotic technology for total knee arthroplasty offering highly accurate positioning of the femoral cutting guide based on real time data analysis from the BalanceBot, eliminating the need to manually position and pin any conventional cutting jigs.

Predictive Balance™ Technique

Predictive Balance™ Technique

With the BalanceBot, the surgeon is able to intraoperatively measure soft-tissue balance, and plan bone cuts to achieve the desired balance throughout range of knee motion. Predictive Balance technology is able to predict the resulting ligament tension before cuts are performed, reducing the extent of soft tissue releases required to achieve a balanced knee. Reduced trauma to the soft-tissues may reduce local inflammatory responses, postoperative pain, and the time to reach functional recovery milestones.

Operating theatre friendly

Operating theatre friendly

The new, robust OMNIBotics workstation is fully prepared for the operative theatre. A small overall footprint does not interfere with the operative staff, and the station's mobility allows it to be transported between rooms for use in multiple cases per day. 

The system of choice

The system of choice

The OMNIBotics software permits the usage of several implant varieties - Apex Knee, Unity Knee, HLS Kneetec - so a surgeon can choose their preferred implant style with this robotic-assisted procedure.


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OMNIBotics® resources

OMNIBotics® resources

OMNIBotics overview

Product animation

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OMNIBotics showcase

Product animation

OMNIBotics Robotic assisted TKR

Predictive Balance™ Technique

Animated procedure featuring BalanceBot

OMNIBotics Predictive Balance Animation

OMNIBotics evidence base

Detailed clinical history booklet

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OMNIBotics flyer

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OMNIBotics™ Predictive Balance Surgical Technique by Dr John Keggi

Keggi OMNI Surgical technique

OMNIBotics™ Predictive Balance Technique - Dr Jeffrey Lawrence

Lawrence OMNI Surgical technique

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