Trinity™ PLUS

Mimicking trabecular bone

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The additive manufactured shell that integrates a highly porous, randomised structure with the versatility and heritage of Trinity, for stability and performance in more complex pathologies.



By harnessing Additive Manufacturing, the porous layer unique structure (PLUS) is not limited by the constraints of traditional machining or coating techniques.

It is fully integrated to the shell body and is designed to mimic trabecular bone geometry and mechanics1, promoting osseointegration2.



Designed with a consistent press fit, high surface roughness3 and additional* targeted screw holes, Trinity PLUS provides the opportunity for excellent primary stability even in poor quality bone stock.

Rapid biological fixation can be critical for long term stability. Corin’s biomimetic cementless technology fully coats the porous structure. With tailored chemical phases and high capillarity, the coating can accelerate osseointegration and promote bone growth across gaps up to 2mm in as little as four weeks2.

*when compared to an equivalent Trinity shell


Trinity PLUS capitalises on Trinity's design heritage and performance, incorporating the Trinity optimised taper, PRIME™ rim and excellent ID:OD ratio. 

Compatibility with Trinity advanced bearings (including Trinity Dual Mobility) and instrumentation, means a wider range of cases can be treated with minimal additional inventory or surgical complexity*.

Select Trinity PLUS during preoperative planning of THAs using Corin OPS for a patient-specific, optimised plan.


*where Trinity acetabular system is already available



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