Powerful insight drives better outcomes and Corin’s OPS technology enables surgeons to gain a unique level of insight and optimized solutions for their patients.

Join us on Monday 8th October for a dinner symposium discussing the unique combination of implants and technologies and the emerging use of Dual Mobility Bearings.

The local and international faculty of biomedical engineers and specialist orthopaedic surgeons will explore the relevant design features of different Dual Mobility cups with case review sessions highlighting selection criteria, including the importance of considering spinopelvic mobility. 

To register please click here or email Jessica.hancox@coringroup.com

Individual showing range of movement at the hip 

At Corin we are striving to provide ever more powerful insights to allow better clinical decisions to be made, drive better clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

Our OPS solution enables surgeons to gain a deeper understanding of the individual patient anatomy and biomechanics and for the first time to perform truly patient-specific procedures.

For the full program please see the attached PDF:  Invite-Electronic-Register2.pdf