Advanced total hip planning technology launched as Corin aims to transform the orthopedic experience into a digital ecosystem.

This past month, at Avenue Private Hospital in Melbourne, we've successfully utilised the OPSInsight™ cloud-based planning platform to assist in total hip arthroplasty (THA) cases. This new technology enables the surgeon to interactively plan total hip procedures, considering individual patient anatomy, spinopelvic mobility and functional biomechanics. Based on the patient's anatomical assessment, the proprietary software simulates bearing contact mechanics, 3D morphology, and bony and prosthetic impingement, to give surgeons advanced insight for the upcoming procedure. The new software also includes radiodensity mapping at the bone-stem interface to aid in stem selection. The platform represents the most significant evolution of Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) since its introduction in 2013. 

Functional images are digitally uploaded, and the surgery is planned by a highly-skilled biomechanical engineer. Once the plan is confirmed by the surgeon, the Corin OPS™ engineering team will produce patient-specific guides to assist the surgeon in the operating room. These 3D printed guides fit directly onto the patient’s bony landmarks, attaching to the instrumentation that prepares the bones for the new hip prosthesis. The surgeon can confidently use these guides in order to precisely achieve the desired OPSInsight™ plan. 

Figure 1 Simulated contact mechanics on left Initial plan on right2

Figure 1- Simulated contact mechanics on left, Initial plan on right

Figure 2 Stem planning in CT slices on left radiodensity mapping on right2

Figure 2 Stem planning in CT slices on left, radiodensity mapping on right

Figure 3 The resulting x ray mirrors the pre operative plan

Figure 3 The resulting x-ray mirrors the pre-operative plan

OPSInsight™ is a key pillar to Corin’s digital ecosystem, CorinConnect™. This single sign-on platform will host all of Corin’s connected technologies, enabling valuable insights obtained, pre-, intra- and post-operatively, to be presented back to the surgeon on a customised dashboard, ultimately enhancing clinical decision making. 

Dr. Jim Pierrepont, Corin's Chief Innovation Officer, states: "It is amazing to see the hard work of many people over the last 3 years finally come to fruition. The surgeon feedback has been extremely positive and I genuinely believe this sets a new benchmark in THA planning. We are excited to introduce this product and our digital ecosystem, CorinConnect™ to the wider market in 2020." 

For more information about the OPS technology, please visit our solutions page.