Anatomically designed

Restoring biomechanics through an optimal designed with over 680 patient CT scans

  • Extensive 3D CT data
  • Optimised stem length for maximum stability
  • 11 size variants in 2 offsets to optimise patient anatomy
  • ML/AP design across a global patient population
  • Reduced length designed to reduce mid thigh pain.

Enhanced stability

Combined fixation philosophy designed for all anatomies

  • Proximal stability through incremental growth of A-P/M-L profiles
  • Optimum mid-length stem design to ensure maximum stability whilst maintaining proximal loading
  • Biomimetic cementless coating technology


Advanced instrumentation for flexibility for different fixation philosophies 

  • Direct Anterior friendly for minimally invasive surgical approaches 
  • Increase bone preserving through reduced lateral shoulder and 50º neck cut
  • Optimised length and distally swept tip for ease of insertion

TriFit CF™ will be under controlled release throughout 2019, for more information please contact your local Corin representative


Product Information

  • TriFit CF Surgical Technique

    TriFit CF Surgical Technique