Corin celebrates 30 years in orthopaedic innovation

1 May 2015

Today marks a milestone in Corin's history as it reaches its 30th Anniversary. As a leader in orthopaedic innovation, Corin has pioneered a number of landmark developments since it was founded on 1 May 1985. We are very proud that we have been able to improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of patients around the world through the introduction of these groundbreaking products, and believe that this heritage distinguishes Corin within the global orthopaedic market.

Corin's success is not least due to its desire to continue to innovate across our extensive hip, knee, extremities and ligament portfolio but in view of the exciting new phase we are embarking on. Orthopaedic companies have, for many years, focussed on developing implant solutions with little regard for some of the long standing clinical needs associated with joint replacement. We have recognised the need to challenge these issues head on and to find unique solutions to help improve patient outcomes.

The acquisition of Optimized Ortho is one such example and provides a world first technology to identify and deliver an optimised implant orientation in total hip replacement based on individual patient specific pelvic movements during functional activities. We have also recognised the importance of challenging patient satisfaction in knee replacement and, working with an eminent group of global knee surgeons, delivered innovative solutions for our Unity Knee™ platform to help achieve functional soft tissue isometry and better outcomes for patients. We continue to invest heavily in these areas and focus our R&D efforts to address ongoing clinical needs and developments that can help improve patient lives.

To support these developments we are also investing heavily in our global infrastructure including new facilities in the US, South Africa, Italy and Australia and a multi-million pound state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Cirencester, UK. This will support our ever expanding global reach (over 40 countries around the world) giving patients and healthcare practitioners greater access to these technologies.

With are proud to support investments that can help meet the need for improved healthcare solutions to provide best in class products, services and technologies to support our global partners and surgeon community.

Our talented and dedicated teams share a common commitment - to deliver quality orthopaedic products and services to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers, which exceed their expectations and positively impact their lives, through Responsible Innovation.