Corin Group acquires Australian orthopaedic technology leader Optimized Ortho

Corin Group acquires technology to help improve component positioning in total hip replacement

25 November 2014

Corin Group PLC, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of orthopaedic devices, has acquired Optimized Ortho, an Australian orthopaedics technology company that specialises in providing surgeons with unique state of the art technologies for optimising orthopaedic implant component positioning and procedural innovation.

The acquisition provides Corin with an IP-protected technology that is the first of its kind within the orthopaedic field. The combination of the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) technology, alongside the company's strong hip portfolio and rapidly expanding global distribution network, provide a strong foundation for future growth of the company.

Every patient has a unique pelvic motion which influences how a total hip replacement will function in day-to-day activities. The OPS™ technology, for the first time, gives the surgeon the ability to identify, customise and deliver an exact patient-specific component orientation designed to optimise biomechanics and functional joint performance.

A simple physical assessment and imaging protocol generates data unique to the patient which is then analysed using patented simulation software to determine their individual kinematic and pelvic motion profile. Implants are then accurately placed to optimise function using a unique and highly accurate laser-guided alignment system.

This solution is a significant step forward in helping to improve the performance of total hip replacement for an ageing and more active patient population as conventional acetabular cup placement does not take into account the individual's functional movement and relies on guidance for cup positioning defined some 36 years ago (Lewinnek JBJS 1978). By acquiring OPS™ technology, Corin is able to offer surgeons and patients a unique, customised, patient-specific solution for hip surgery that will help to provide optimal implant positioning and improved functional outcome.

Commenting on the announcement, Stefano Alfonsi, Chief Executive Officer of Corin, said: 'œWe are delighted to have the ability to integrate this technology into our compelling product portfolio. We recognise that further improvements in hip replacement require developments around procedural innovation as well as implant design. Our vision for the future will be to lead in the area of personalised healthcare, with a specific focus on individual patient-specific dynamics. The integration of the Optimized Ortho technology into Corin continues to strengthen our position as a fast moving innovation company that focuses on the needs of patients and surgeons.'

Brad Miles, Chief Technology Officer at Optimized Ortho, added: 'œWe are very excited to be entering into this agreement with one of the most dynamic and proactive global orthopaedic implant organisations. Over the past year we have worked closely with Corin in Australia to combine OPS™ technology with their leading hip brands and this deal marks a major milestone in creating a game changing solution for hip patients worldwide.'

Following the success of Trinity OPS™ in Australia over the past year, Corin is now poised to roll the system out to its other global markets.

Optimized Ortho Pty Ltd

Optimized Ortho Pty Ltd provides unique implant alignment technology solutions that allow orthopaedic surgeons to identify, optimise and deliver an exact patient-specific component orientation to help optimal biomechanics and functional joint performance. Using engineering techniques derived from aerospace and automotive industries, its software provides dynamic information about an individual's joint performance in more depth than ever before. This analysis provides additional information to the orthopaedic surgeon allowing for a greater understanding of the way the patient moves and enabling the surgeon to effect a solution based on the individual patient's physiological motion. For further information, please visit www.optimizedortho.com.