Corin receives 510(k) clearance for OPSReView™

Post-operative imaging analysis aims to help surgeons determine root cause of implant failure and patient dissatisfaction.


Corin has received FDA 510(k) clearance from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the latest addition to the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) portfolio, OPSReView™. OPSReView is a postoperative tool for visualising and quantifying component alignment to aid in the analysis of hip alignment following hip replacement surgery. Surgeons can use this tool to gather information relating to the in-situ implant placement as well as associated functional analysis and 3D biomechanical measurements, based on landmarks derived from patient specific postoperative imaging.


Historically, postoperative radiographic assessment of a hip replacement is performed by surgeons from standard, usually two-dimensional, radiographic imaging. But while the resulting x-ray may look satisfactory, there can be other factors that may result in patient dissatisfaction. OPSReView enhances this postoperative assessment by providing controlled, three-dimensional measurements in a quantitative format, which allows for a more objective assessment of the postoperative hip alignment. The functional analysis helps the surgeon to understand the impact of the patient kinematics on the functional behaviour of the hip joint, providing key information on implant position, cup and stem version, and leg length. This information can also assist surgeons in deciding the subsequent patient treatment, and if a revision is necessary.


OPSReView is the latest addition to the CorinConnect™ digital ecosystem, Corin’s platform of interconnected technologies. These technologies collect data across each stage of the arthroplasty experience for surgeons to access online, providing actionable insights based on previous results, in order to increase patient satisfaction and results.


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