Corin receives 510(k) clearance OMNIBotics software update, enabling use of Unity Knee™

New software release enables use of Unity Knee with OMNIBotics Predictive Balance™ robotic-assisted technique

Corin recently received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the latest OMNIBotics™ software update 2.6, enabling the option to use the Unity Knee total knee implant system with the robotic-assisted procedure in the United States.
The OMNIBotics procedure has been utilized in the United States market since 2010 and introduced the BalanceBot in 2017. Since Corin’s acquisition of OMNI life science in 2019, the OMNIBotics robotic-assisted procedure has been introduced to additional implant systems to meet international demand. The clinical benefits of this system include improved cut accuracy
and implant alignment with reduced soft tissue releases, leading to increased patient satisfaction.*
The Unity Knee™ System is a high-performance total knee system designed to address patient satisfaction in TKR, utilizing a single radius design and natural patella tracking to provide stability throughout range of motion. Now, surgeons can use this implant system with the OMNIBotics Predictive Balance technique. This advanced procedure uses the BalanceBot robotic ligament tensioning device to intra-operatively assess the patient’s knee soft tissue structures and plan implant positioning accordingly. Surgeons can view the predicted ligament balance based on adjustments to the implant planning, aiming to provide ligament balance and avoid additional soft tissue releases.

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*Data on file at Corin Group