5 tips on preparing for your joint replacement

Have you scheduled your joint replacement and want to know how to prepare to ensure your joint replacement journey can be as smooth as possible? We have a 5 tips to help you.

  • Get as fit and healthy as you can

Being in good health prior to your surgery can help speed up your recovery post-op. If you are overweight or smoke, you may want to try and loose a few pounds and cut down on smoking as it can slow down your recovery.

  • Practice the exercises that you will be prescribed to complete after your surgery

Ask your doctor for the exercises that you will be prescribed after your operation and become familiar with them. Knowing how to do the exercises will help you get the most out of them and enable a speedy recovery.

  • Build up your strength

Having a strong upper body will really help getting around on crutches or a walker in the first part of your recovery.

  • Prepare around your home

Work out where you will be spending the most time when you come out of the hospital and put your TV remote, radio, telephone, tissues and medications at an arm’s reach allowing you to spend more time resting.

  • Educate yourself on your surgery

Learning and educating yourself about your surgery will help you understand what will happen and can often make your surgery less daunting.

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