A new milestone for BalanceBot™

We are proud to announce our 3,000th BalanceBot Procedure was performed today, June 12, 2019. The BalanceBot, an FDA cleared ligament balancing robot, provides surgeons with intra-operative data on ligament tension and communicates with the OMNIBotics system to plan and guide optimized femur cuts that minimize the need for soft tissue releases.

Data shows that these well-balanced knees allow most patients to begin walking mere hours after surgery and that patient satisfaction averages 95.1% at 6 months post-op1, compared to an industry average of 81.4%.(2-8)

Andy McLeod, President of Corin USA, said "3,000 procedures is just the beginning, doctors around the globe are clamoring for the BalanceBot and we're looking forward to expanding into new markets during the coming year. The BalanceBot represents one of many investments that Corin has made to further advance the digital ecosystem and the larger world of orthopaedics. What's most exciting about this milestone is knowing that we've had the opportunity to affect a positive change in the lives of 3,000 people to date."

The BalanceBot is the first and only robotic system to integrate ligament tension with bone alignment. 

1.BalanceBot data on file.

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