Changing hip replacement surgery

16 March 2015

Optimising joint replacement surgery is a goal for the orthopaedic community, and the placement of the acetabular cup is a key consideration.

Corin recently acquired an Australian technology innovation company, Optimized Ortho, which offers the surgeon the ability to identify an optimised position for a hip replacement, based on the unique patient specific pelvic movements of the individual patient during functional activities.

This week Mr Dave Woodnutt, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, used Corin's OPSTM technology for the first time in Wales, and commented that "this technology represents the next evolution in joint replacement surgery, allowing the surgeon to analyse in more detail the hip dynamics, and apply this knowledge to the planning and delivery of a hip replacement."

Corin is proud to be introducing this world first technology, and in helping to optimise outcomes in clinical practice.

Photo courtesy of Mr David Woodnutt - 'the team after taking cup positioning measurements from the laser guidance'