Unity Knee™ clinical evidence is building

29 April 2016

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The Unity Knee™ system was designed to address the long standing issues in total knee replacement and strive to target and improve patient satisfaction and quality of life post-surgery. Since the launch of the system in 2012, Corin has been dedicated to clinical research with a robust clinical programme investigating topics such as MCL isometry as well as short-term functional outcomes. Two papers have recently been published and are available online in US journal Reconstructive Review reporting excellent survivorship and functional outcomes in the cruciate retaining and posterior stabilising designs.

Kreuzer et al. (2016) reported the early outcome of Unity Knee™ CR KOOS results and also compared them to Triathlon® CR results reported in a recent paper by Molt et al. (2014). The Unity Knee™ scores are comparatively higher than that of Triathlon® demonstrating excellent functional outcomes when compared with this other popular system.

Corin continues to take a proactive approach in collecting clinical data with a number of global studies currently running. We expect to have further publications on the system available over the coming months to further build on these early results and support of the Unity Knee™.

Clinical papers

Kreuzer et al. (2016) Comparison of Functional Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Two Different Single Radius Implants. Reconstructive review, Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN  2331-2262 (print) · ISSN 2331-2270 (online), April 2016.
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Paszicsnyek T, (2015) Experience with a Modern Generation Knee System: Average 2 Years' Follow-up. Reconstructive review, Volume 5, Number 4, ISSN 2331-2262 (print), ISSN 2331-2270 (online) December 2015.
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