What is a Total Hip Replacement?


There are several reasons as to why you may need a hip replacement, but do you know what is involved in a total hip replacement?

Healthy Hip Joint

Healthy Hip Joint


The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that connects the body to the legs. The leg bone is called the femur. The head of the femur is a round shaped ball that fits into the socket of the pelvis, called the acetabulum. The bones are protected by muscles, ligaments, cartilage and joint fluid that provide a smooth surface for the bones to move. When your hip is working properly, the hip joint permits a wide range of motion, and is used in almost every type of physical activity.


Artificial Hip Replacement

The aim of a hip replacement is to regain pain-free movement in your hip.

During the surgery, the surgeon removes any diseased or damaged bone and replaces it with an artificial hip created from medical grade metal, plastic and/or ceramics.

There are three main components of an artificial hip replacement, the acetabular component (the cup), the femoral head and the femoral component (the stem). With each of these components working together, you should be able to get back to doing the actives you love, pain-free.

It is important to discuss the details of your hip replacement with your surgeon. The more information you have prior to your surgery will benefit your recovery and ease any nerves you may have about your surgery.

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